Feature on “Fat Chicks on Top”

What a great experience to be able to share my story with Auntie Vice! Listen here, like their site and share with me anything that resonated with you. I’d love to hear from you! E-mail me: coachlori@includelgbtq.com

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I’d love to know more about your experiences as a LGBTQ+ adult! Please take the survey and share your challenges, hopes, and dreams.

The Well-Being of Transgender and Non-Binary Individuals

This FAQ brings insight on what is impacting the health and wellness of the transgender and non-binary population. Overarching factors discussed here include discrimination, mental health, and disconnected identity. As a LGBTQ Life Coach, I help gender diverse folx from all over create their best life against the odds that they encounter.


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About Me

Hi, I’m Lori, a fellow queer human trying to change the world through art, writing, and teaching. I love to talk about LGBTQ issues and help others through coaching and consulting. I am so happy to share with you my experiences and academic knowledge with through this blog! I will publish on Tuesdays, so keep checking back then!

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