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LGBTQ Life Coach, Advocate, Educator

Hi, I’m Lori Sweetman, a mom of two, passionate about LGBTQ issues, inclusive practices, puppies, and art. Between educating diverse humans about queer issues and binge watching crime TV, I tell stories and make art. Sometimes the art tells the stories, and sometimes the stories are my art.

Here you’ll find Include LGBTQ coaching and consulting services, the blog , and “These Queer Stories” podcast episodes [season 1 coming soon]. My mission is to uplift queer families, support others on their journey, and advocate for the well being of my queer community. Book a free discovery call with me to discuss your needs and learn more about what I can help you with.

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Hi again, I’m Lori. I became a life coach and consultant after completing my master of psychology degree in gender and sexual fluidity. I came out in 2020 as a gender diverse lesbian after having two kids and being married to a man. I have a podcast starting later in 2022 to share intimate stories of LGBTQ folx, and designed Include LGBTQ coaching and education services as a way to help people. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful kids and wife, I love spending time in nature, cuddling our puppies, reading, and creating art! Read more

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