Position: Parent Advocate

January 2022

My niece says you’re like teacher extraordinaire. She never talks about school and literally talked my ear off for an hour about all the things you’ve taught her. It’s literally the first time she has mentioned school. When ever we ask she has nothing to say. Like you’d totally assume she was cutting school everyday. We get ZERO info about her day except for your class. She says you’re her favorite class and her favorite teacher and she looks forward to art days and that [past teacher] was a nice lady but she loves you way more. And you’re a better teacher. Don’t tell [past teacher]… and this is legit no joke. So thank you for everything you do. That’s the one and only time she has had anything nice to say about school.

Published by L. Sweetman; LGBTQ Coach & Consultant

Mx. Lori Sweetman is director of Include LGBTQ Empowered Life Coaching and Consulting, and an expert and advocate for the LGBTQ community. Lori devotes their life to helping people feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, and thereby confident in living as their authentic self, freely and openly. People who reach out for life coaching with Lori may be feeling disconnected with who they are, confused or overwhelmed with what to do once they've realized their life is not aligned with their relationship, gender, or sexual orientation. People who have gone through coaching with Lori come out feeling happier and more fulfilled, sexually empowered, have improved their relationships and lessened their anxiety. As a non-binary, polyamorous lesbian who came out later in life and is now living openly and freely, Lori can truly connect with their clients and develop the safe space to support them in discovering what it is they want in this one life they get to live. Include LGBTQ is primarily a coaching organization, working with families and individuals to feel empowered in their gender and sexuality, overcome life obstacles, and craft a happy life as their authentic self. Lori will cater to the LGBTQ+ community, and their families. Include LGBTQ works with teens and their parents or adults seeking support reaching their goals and improving their overall happiness. Lori will provides educational workshops, training, and speak on inclusivity and LGBTQ+ topics for podcasts, organizations, and corporate leaders.

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