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Modern Families: Incorporating LGBTQ+ families in the classroom community

This full day, eight hour workshop helps teachers and admin support LGBTQ+ folks in their school communities. This can help teachers with LGBTQ+ children, and understanding queer family needs or their value to the classroom. Participants will leave with resources for ensuring more queer representation in the classroom (books, pictures, works); tangible ways in which to support queer families (sample documents, non-gendered language); and deeper understanding of queer issues and concerns (current terminology, notable history, and current concerns). Due to the erratic nature of Covid-19, the workshop can be broken down into sessions virtually as well.

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Other popular workshops:

The stages from exploration of sexuality awareness, preferences, expression to the commitment of one’s sexual identities are explained and discussed in this lecture

An introduction to the rainbow, with topics including sexuality development and gender identity or expression. A deep dive into what the gender and sexuality spectrum look like and how they intersect.

Long before a person comes out, they may go through several stages of identity development. For a child , acknowledging or understanding their sexuality and gender may be affected by biological factors and social stigmas they are subjected to. Parents may want to help guide them but not know how. This interactive lecture helps with that.

If you have never understood how internalized homophobia is formed, what exactly it means to be part of a stigmatized group, and how that creates discrimination, then this lecture is for you.

This presentation discusses the differences between an ally, an advocate, and how students and faculty can be either or both. The best practices for supporting gender and sexual minority groups will be presented and discussed as a group. An inventory self-check list will be presented for creating a safe and inclusive space.

An exploration of how bias forms, how it creates minority stress. A discussion on what minority stress looks like in a school district for both students and faculty, and how bias can unknowingly add to systemic oppressive practices. A voluntary self-assessment, which will not be shared with anyone, will be given to aid in their self-reflection process and make this invisible thinking process more visible.

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