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Crafting a Secure, Empowered Self

I am one of those mid-lifers who didn’t connect with my sexuality and gender identity until later in life, so I can relate to the journey LGBTQ+ folks take at the beginning stages of coming out. The feeling of disconnect with who you are and confusion in what to do next was overwhelming and simultaneously exciting. This is the chaos that I am here to help you achieve clarity with.

Are you questioning who you are even after coming out?

Do you wonder if you made the right choices?

Perhaps you’re ashamed and afraid to talk about how you want to practice polyamory, or you want to feel romantic intimacy but limit physical intimacy, and it is to difficult to communicate so you don’t say anything.

These situations can be awkward and scary. Finding where to begin is understandably difficult to wrap your head around, and to top it off, finding someone who is knowledgeable in gender and sexuality unique complexities of life is not easy.

a judgement free LGBTQ Safe Space

Experience pure transformation and harmony across all areas of life!

When you come for coaching, you will be working with an expert on Gender and Sexuality, LGBTQ inclusion and diversity needs, learning disabilities, anxiety and depression, and affirmative coaching. Trauma informed, and bias aware, Lori will work hard at making you feel comfortable and in control of your own experiences.

I was ready for life to begin, but I really didn’t know where to start.

Lori Sweetman, Gender and Sexuality Expert on their experience coming out.

Live Life Empowered

What would it feel like to be genuine, aligned with your truth, and be out as yourself and uncovering the path to your happiness?

  • Transcend above the stigmas that limit you
  • Breakthrough barriers to thriving with coping strategies, roadmaps, and motivational inquiry into your hidden truths
  • Become your true self, empowered, and full of the skills needed to live the life you’ve dreamed of.
  • Embrace your identity and have the courage to live openly, standing in your own power
  • Learn how to use your strengths to thrive
  • Practice holding boundaries and communication skills needed for healthy relationships
  • Uncover hidden solutions and learn to use them to reach the future you dream of

Here, the focus is to help you look inward, understand your strengths, find your solutions, and craft the future you want. For those questioning or identifying in the LGBTQ+ community, coaching with Lori will affirm your truths and be free of stigma, discriminations, and instead filled with advocacy and mentorship. Together you will discover what you need for self-love, have healthy relationships, and become empowered.

Mx. Lori Sweetman

Hello! I am a life coach, consultant, teacher, mom and artist. When I am not helping people transform their life, I am planning my next adventure.

What is the Coaching Process?


Initial Call

Call and learn more about life coaching, and see if you are the type of client that would benefit from coaching and education or advocacy.


Dream it

Our first sessions will lay the foundation of your true desires and path to happiness, aligned identity, and life skills for healthy relationships.


Live It

As you take your journey, you will learn how to overcome obstacles, and discover how to use your strengths to succeed. You will work hard, and you learn a lot about yourself.


Empowered Living

Empowerment will come to those who become aligned with their true selves. You will feel more secure in yourself then ever before. You will be living your truth and feeling more yourself every day!

What Empowered Clients Have Said:


Working with Lori on my journey has been great. I very much appreciate the help and advice. I can’t recommend her compassionate expertise enough. Thank you for empowering me on my journey!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I just wanted to let you know how much [child] really, really likes you!! It was cute, he couldn’t stop saying how nice you are and how easy it was to talk to you.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

You are very much a neutral Ally as I can tell, and truly understand that none of this is cut a dry. It’s exactly why I liked you immediately and we hired you. So with all that being said, again, thank you for walking into our lives when you did.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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